Continuing in its mission to remind people that it exists, Vimeo has picked up the exclusive digital rights to Plastic Galaxy, a documentary about Star Wars toys. According to Variety, the film is 67 minutes long, and it features “interviews with former employees of Kenner—the original Star Wars toy licensee—as well as experts, authors, and collectors as it looks at the history of Star Wars action figures and other toys.” We’re not sure what separates an “expert” on Star Wars toys from a “collector,” but we know we’d be very interested in meeting both. The latter probably has all of the best toys, but the former probably knows all sorts of fun facts about them.

Plastic Galaxy—which was at least partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign—is available on Vimeo now, either for a $4.99 24-hour rental or a $12.99 one-time purchase to own it. The documentary was also released earlier this year on DVD, but true Plastic Galaxy collectors probably won’t want to take the disc out of its original packaging. Thankfully, now they can watch the movie digitally. Of course, they’ll have to talk to a Plastic Galaxy expert if they want to know all of the fun facts about it. Here’s one for free: The documentary was at least partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Fun, right?