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Videographer invites Muppets to wedding without informing bride or groom

Photo: Jason Merritt (Getty Images)

It’s bad form to bring uninvited guests to a wedding, but exceptions must be made when the guests in question are celebrities with reputations as sterling as the Muppets. This seems to be the line of thought that led a wedding videographer to reconfigure a bride and groom’s wedding day memories by editing everyone’s favorite felt-covered puppet-monsters into the footage they shot of the ceremony.


A clip showing the insert was tweeted by Molly Knapp, framing the surprise and bafflement of discovering, while sitting down to revisit the events of an important day, that the Muppets somehow crashed the party. Knapp’s mom is shown walking down the aisle and the guests turning to look at her entrance include the cast of Sesame Street and a gaggle of unnamed Muppets in their Sunday best. The person filming the video cracks up with the sort of disbelief that’s really to be expected when you realize that the world’s most famous puppets were watching your wedding without you realizing.

Talking to Mashable’s Andy Moser, Knapp says the videographer spliced in the Muppets footage without telling her parents, but did it in the spirit of the “other silly stuff like credits for ‘underwater photography’” that the couple had requested.

“I’m sure [the videographer] thought they’d get a kick out of it,” she adds. “And they totally did.”

Her dad, Jeff, tweeted, too, that “we didn’t take any of it very seriously” and that they “weren’t upset by the grace notes,” by which he means, y’know, unexpectedly having the Muppets be a surprise addition to their wedding memories.


Who this rogue videographer is—and whether they’re available for hire to anyone who’d like to tell their friends the cast of Fraggle Rock got wasted on their open bar’s tequila shots—remains a mystery. We salute them anyway.


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