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Videogames have been making you fat all these years

Turns out, videogames have not only been encouraging the sedentary lifestyle since their invention, but for a period in the ’80s and early ’90s, they actively encouraged you to eat really crappy food. Patrick Scott Patterson, a “videogame historian” (HOW DO YOU GET THAT JOB?!), has put together more than eight minutes of video proof that games + junk food = cash money in the bank. Most of his “evidence” involves an odd Lottery-style game people played back in the day, where they scratched off tickets for the chance to win an Atari. Now, I know I’m supposed to ironically laugh at the concept now, but seriously, I would play a hundred Lotteries for the chance to play such gems as Flag Capture or Star Raiders for the seven seconds it takes for me to get sick of them. Then, I’ll get a Big Mac.



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