DMX is known as much for his exploits (including being worth -$10 million according to some sources) as much as his music. But, as of late, X has been going through a bit of a renaissance as he’s slowly transformed from a rapper to a slowly walking, talking, loudly grunting meme. Videos of X being confused by Google and admitting that he has eaten dog food have added to the rapper’s lore, but the latest video to be disseminated by TMZ sees him at an amusement park in Orlando having a rather difficult time on a slingshot ride.

Seemingly agitated from the start, DMX is seen yelling as if it was one of his records while holding onto his chain for comfort. The video culminates with X trying to brush off his fear when he proudly states to his friend, “We had an ice grill like we wasn’t scared” before noticing the camera right in front of him and then quickly copping to his screams. On that day X had it given to him and he was none too pleased.