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Video of 1977 Star Wars toy ads is a never-ending parade of Skywalkers

With The Force Awakens due out next month, it feels like a good time to look back at the first series of Star Wars films. The now-defunct Kenner Products had the toy rights for Star Wars, and it really made the most of them. It’s not until you see all the ads from 1977 alone strung together in the clip below that you really realize exactly how many Star Wars related toys Kenner managed to crank out in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

The toys range from very cool, like a 15-inch tall Darth Vader action figure, to the sort of weird, like the Star Wars SSP van set, which allowed children to pretend to be a guy who has a scene from Star Wars airbrushed on the side of his van. (Said van set now retails for $2,500 on eBay, in case you were wondering.) While these ads show a ton of toys, Disney has still probably licensed 100 times more items for The Force Awakens. Get ready to be summarily inundated.

[via Laughter Key]


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