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Video highlights 10 films that are masterclasses in structure

Image: 20th Century Fox

Structure can be a difficult thing for some films to nail down—many are just concerned with specific moments or characterization, without paying attention to the overall format. More often than not, filmmakers (including screenwriters) tend toward the three-act structure, but there are myriad different ways of telling a story, depending on the intended emotional impact. Cinefix has assembled the top 10 most common cinematic structures, and the 10 films that best exemplify those structures.

The video offers valuable educational material for would-be screenwriters and budding cinephiles. It introduces the various ways that a filmmaker can organize a story, whether it’s multiple plotlines interlocking, a tale told in reverse, or different perspectives on the same incident. All receive multiple examples, with the top choice for each structure being a masterclass in how to properly structure a film. The diverse selection of structures results in a diverse selection of films, ranging from Die Hard to Irréversible, High Noon to The Godfather Part II.


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