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Xbox One users are slowly beginning to realize that Kinect is always listening, paying attention even during single-player modes, and coldly, silently judging anyone who uses more than their fair share of foul language. Specifically, someone noticed that, while playing NBA 2K14, swearing too much earns users a technical foul for bad language.


It’s not the only instance of gaming consoles pushing language control on users: One Redditor captured a message from FIFA 14 they received in Manager Mode, from the in-game Board Of Directors, urging the user to “refrain from using such colorful language in the future and control your overly aggressive nature.”

On the one hand, who does this gaming console think it is to tell anyone what they can fucking say or not fucking say in their own goddamn home? On the other, perhaps it's not so bad to have a few reminders that swearing in private might lead to aggression elsewhere. But this news does grant those gamers who complain that "the game is cheating" even more opportunities to blame their shortcomings on the system's HAL 9000-like interference.

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