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Kotaku reports that a player who goes by the handle Stallion83 has scored very many points on his Xbox—an entire million of points, to be precise. Stallion83, whose real name is Ray Cox IV, has been the Xbox “Gamerscore” world record holder for some time now, but his long-stated goal has been to boost his Gamerscore to the 1,000,000 mark. He streamed his feat live on the Twitch streaming site, and VideoGamer.com notes that he cleared his ultimate hurdle by earning the “I Like A Challenge” achievement in the Xbox One game Titanfall. Nice touch.


The arbitrary nature of video game points might make this accomplishment hard to judge if you’re not familiar with Gamerscore. After all, the 1993 Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine offered billion-point awards, and at the other end of the spectrum, the notorious Penn & Teller prank game Desert Bus requires eight hours of excruciatingly dull bus-driving to earn a single point. Gamerscore is a bit different. It’s a meta-score that is earned by playing games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (mostly). Players use the Gamerscore to compare their relative video game prowess and penis size. Stallion83 has a mighty game-playing phallus indeed: It took him eight years to hit the million, and he had to play more than 1,500 games to get there. Yet he was adorably humble when the big moment came. “I’m not even sad! I thought I would be sad,” he said, before going on to note that when he tells the story to his grandchildren, they won’t give a shit. Stallion83 reaches the million at about 3:46:00 in the video below.

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