Understanding the intricacies–and, hell, even the broad strokes–of Marvel’s multiple title-spanning Civil War comic book event will almost certainly be unnecessary to understanding the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. This is good, because the main Civil War comics are a mess of puzzling characterizations and forced motivations that did little more than march Marvel to the end point of getting [redacted] killed and making Spider-Man trade his marriage away to a demon (long story). Still, for the curious, Noah Sterling’s Bite-Size Comics does a nice job of re-capping Civil War’s main story threads. Spoilers abound for the comics and could lead to potential, albeit speculative, spoilers regarding the upcoming film, so be forewarned.

As a bonus, anyone interested in some of the insanity that might be in store for those next two Avengers movies should also check out Sterling’s video on Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet storyline.


[via Gizmodo]