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Video counts down top 25 films of 2015

The impending end of the year means an onslaught of end of the year lists where critics and others must opine and rank their favorite media in order to award one entry the best of the year. The A.V. Club has already begun this tradition with its own list of the top albums of the year, and soon will unleash a countdown of the best films of 2015, among other lists. But before then, there’s a raucous new video that reveals one writer’s opinion of the best that cinema had to offer this year.

A.V. Club alum David Ehrlich has assembled his own take on the best movies of 2015 with an eclectic group of films that represent a wide gamut of styles, genre, and moods. There’s documentaries like The Look Of Silence, touching romances like Carol, hard to quantify entries like Anomalisa, and even a shout out for Magic Mike XXL and Tokyo Tribe. It’s a dizzying array of films that show off not just Ehrlich’s own expansive tastes but also the wild year of film that audiences were treated to in 2015.


THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2015: A VIDEO COUNTDOWN from david Ehrlich on Vimeo.

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