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Video breakdown examines Anthony Hopkins’ great Westworld performance

(Image: Nerdwriter)

With the incredible vistas, naked robots, and violent gunfights to look at on HBO’s Westworld, it can be easy to forget to slow down and examine the actual performances being given by its actors. Most of them are as solid as is to be expected from a high-profile HBO drama—including Jimmi Simpson, who seems particularly determined to get out of the shadow of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Liam McPoyle—but other than maybe Ed Harris’ enigmatic Man In Black, nobody is killing it as much as Anthony Hopkins. Granted, he is already a very accomplished actor, so it’s not especially surprising to see him act well, but he does manage to dominate every scene he’s in.

This video from YouTube page Nerdwriter examines why that is, breaking down one of Hopkins’ Westworld scenes into little chunks and outlining the various clever touches he’s able to insert into every little word or movement. It may not shed any new light on your favorite fan theory, but it’s still impressive.

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