(Photo: @taylorndean)

For most people, a picture of a cute animal in a funny pose is just that. They’ll glance at it on Twitter or whatever, they’ll smile, and then they’ll move on with their lives. To Reddit, though, a cute animal in a funny pose is a challenge. It means that it’s time for the Photoshop-adept to stretch out their fingers and work some magic, which is exactly what happened when a Reddit user going by GipsyKing79 offered up a photo of cute hedgehog hoisting up his tiny fist in triumph found on Twitter user @taylorndean’s account and challenged other Redditors to Photoshop Battle. (You can see the original above.)

Mashable pulled out some of the best entries, including this guy making the game-winning catch:

(Image: Reddit, Ledardsauvage)


This little guy who knows the answer:

(Image: Reddit, THEToASTNINJA)


The cutest version of Sonic The Hedgehog:



The new king of the Pride Lands:

(Image: Reddit, Guantatdt)


A freedom fighter:

(Image: Reddit, Dynamitella)


This epic Shoryuken:

(Image: Reddit, Josh5591)


And since a Photoshop Battle is more fun if you participate, we threw together this little guy who just wants to use his neighbor’s pool:

(Image: Re/Max)


You can see more victorious hedgehogs at the full Reddit thread.