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Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is selling a bunch of her old Spice Girls clothes

Just in time for Halloween, Victoria Beckham—the surly looking British icon better known as Posh Spice—is putting some of her old wardrobe up for sale. More than 600 items from Beckham’s closet are going up for auction, including many of the outfits she wore during her stint in the Spice Girls. Exactly which outfits Beckham is shedding is unclear—other than this all-white Dolce And Gabbana dress she wore to the 2003 VMAs—but Beckham promises that many of the “pieces hold so many happy memories” and were made especially for her.

A percentage of proceeds from the auction will benefit mothers2mothers, an organization that helps mothers with HIV find good jobs.


The online auction is private, but fans can register now and receive notice when it kicks off on August 20.

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