Like most of Saturday Night Live’s recurring characters, some would argue that Victoria Jackson’s “Massive Headwound Tea Party Lady” caricature has outlived its impact as satire and devolved into outright cartoonishness. But it’s hard to fault Jackson for continuing to mine laughs out of the absurd ramblings of an ill-informed naïf who believes America is being overrun by a secret cabal of terrorist Muslims working in collusion with the gays to make everyone gay and/or Muslim, and that our only hopes for salvation lie in Jesus Christ and Glenn Beck. After all, every time you think her “Ann Coulter if she suffered a brain embolism” parody has run out of steam, Jackson comes out with another home run skit like PolitiChicks, her new, web-based weekly talk show that finds Jackson gathering ironically in a library with various women who are too scared to read, and having a View-like discussion of the day’s topics, without all the bleeding-heart liberal ranting of Elisabeth Hasslebeck.

“As we all know, Conservatives have few outlets in the media,” the show’s website deadpans, adding, “Other than Fox News and a few talk radio shows, Conservatives are greatly outnumbered. TV talk shows and news programs are inundated with liberal robots spewing their hatred toward all-things-Conservative; so the folks at Patriot Update have created an alternative.” (Tipping its hand slightly, the site also includes biographical nuggets like this one for fellow panelist Anne-Marie Murrell: “Seriously, I’ve prayed for forgiveness at President Reagan’s graveside at the Reagan Library. More than once.”)


Their first missive in this war against all that robot propaganda? Chapter one of what will surely be a 1,000-part series on the “Islamization” of America and how it’s so obviously tied to gay marriage, with Jackson expressing her fear of imminent beheading in the streets in ukulele-assisted song, then declaring, “Islam says, ‘Kill gay people.’ That's why I don't get why liberals are pro-Muslim, and pro-gay. We're lucky that most Muslims are lukewarm or we'd all be dead."  Also: "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims." Ha ha, that is great. Again, it’s all a little on the nose, but you certainly have to admire her commitment to a bit, even if every day the line gets slightly blurrier between “conceptual genius” and “complete idiot who actually believes these things and then says them out loud like even she's not really listening to herself.” But such is the nature of comedy! [via The Huffington Post]