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Sure, there have been some great TV dads over the years. Bill Cosby. Michael Gross. Doggie Daddy. But fans of Alias know the best TV dad of all time is Victor Garber, whose Jack Bristow trained daughter Sydney from birth to be a superspy, brainwashed her, lost touch with her for a decade, murdered her mother… okay, on paper he sounds like a terrible dad. But trust us, he was awesome. He once interrogated someone by murdering him, shocking him back to life, then asking him questions. Best. Dad. Ever.

Now Garber is bringing some of that awesomeness to Sleepy Hollow, where he will play the steely, gruff, yet loving-underneath-it-all dad to Ichabod Crane. Garber will be reunited with former boss Ken Olin, who produced both Alias and Sleepy Hollow, and continues a guest-casting hot streak that started with Fringe's John Noble, who joined the show earlier this season.


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