Vice's Shane Smith in Greenland

Vice, the free-magazine-turned-multimedia-news-outlet that used to be mostly about anal sex and making fun of people’s outfits at parties but now covers topics ranging from climate change to North Korea to the militarization of American police forces—and, yeah, making fun of people’s outfits—just signed a major deal with HBO to expand its news coverage.

HBO is currently airing the third season of Vice’s eponymous documentary show, a deal that has been extended for the next four years under the new agreement. HBO has also agreed to expand each season of the show from 14 to 38 episodes, as well as air 32 new specials that Vice will produce for the pay-cable channel between now and 2018.


That’s a lot of content, and a lot of guys in Buddy Holly glasses almost being blown to pieces by stray mortars. But that’s not even the biggest project to come out of the deal—that would be Vice’s new half-hour nightly news broadcast for HBO, which will air five days a week, 48 weeks a year, through 2018 at least. HBO is also launching a new, Vice-branded channel on its forthcoming HBO Now streaming service, which will operate alongside the already-extant Vice News website. This will be HBO’s first nightly newscast.