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Vice releases extended interview with Eagles Of Death Metal about Paris attacks

Last week, the members of Eagles Of Death Metal released a statement about the horrific attack on the Bataclan theater in Paris on November 14, which took place during one of the band’s concerts. That statement was brief, and understandably so. But now they and a handful of their crew have sat down for their first extended interview on the attacks, which everyone in the band survived but killed 89 people, including another member of the Eagles Of Death Metal crew.

In the interview with Vice, they talk about the attack on the Bataclan, the carnage and heroism they witnessed there, and the future of Eagles Of Death Metal. “Our friends went [to the Bataclan] to see rock ‘n’ roll and died. I want to go back there and live,” band co-founder Jesse Hughes says. Going forward, the band’s other co-founder, Josh Homme, encourages artists in any genre to record the Eagles Of Death Metal song “I Love You All The Time;” he says their label will donate all publishing proceeds from the covers to victims of the attacks, and challenges streaming services to do the same.

It’s a profoundly emotional interview—Hughes describes one fan surviving by hiding under his leather jacket in their dressing room, and Homme reveals that he keeps a list of the names of everyone killed in the attack in his pocket—well worth its 26-minute running time.

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