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Vice President Biden is headed to Law & Order: SVU

(Photos: Michael Parmelee/Getty Images and Michael Robinson Chavez/Getty Images)

Set your browser to www.PaleHouse.gove and get ready to hear Ice-T incredulously wonder, “Are you telling me this guy is second in the line of presidential succession?” because The Associated Press is reporting that Vice President Joe Biden will be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of NBC’s Law & Order: SVU. Biden—who recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention— will go on the sexual assault-focused series in order to discuss the United States’ massive and depressing backlog of thousands upon thousands of untested rape kits.

Biden—who also appeared on NBC’s Parks And Recreations a couple of times— has a long association with SVU star Mariska Hargitay, with the two often teaming up for public awareness-raising projects. (Hargitay recently narrated a video that played before Biden’s speech at the DNC.) Meanwhile, fans of the show/VPOTUS may find themselves torn into two separate, yet equally important parts: the one that’s jazzed to see Biden and Richard Belzer trade some gritty, innuendo-filled banter (at last!), and the part that’s surprised that SVU is still on the air. (Meanwhile, let’s just hope that the old Law & Order trick of assuming the most famous guest star in the episode is the culprit doesn’t hold true, for once.)

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