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VICE gets its own HBO show

VICE's evolution from being the magazine that makes you feel bad about your outfit to being the magazine that makes you feel bad about slave labor will continue its trajectory to a whole new level of self-righteousness, vaulting from its current CNN partnership to its own weekly show on HBO. Kindred sleazy-yet-informed spirit Bill Maher will executive-produce the news magazine series hosted by VICE's co-founder Shane Smith with consultation from CNN's Fareed Zakaria, with the show bringing the publication's usual mixture of immersive journalism and ironically whatevs irreverence about the shit it discovers to topics such as "Taliban child suicide bombers; North Korean slave labor camps; New York’s underground voodoo heroin clinics; Somalian pirates; and Satanic dentists in the Pacific Northwest." And as with the magazine, a lot of people will watch the show and be like, "Yeah, yeah—where's the tits and cocaine?"

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