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Vic Berger teams up with Chapo Trap House for a twisted look at the Iowa caucus

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Screenshot: Vic Berger (YouTube)

As the Iowa caucus results continue to ooze, pus-like, from the Iowa Democratic Party and the DNC chair calls for a recanvassing that could easily have been avoided with some pencils and a notepad, Vic Berger has dropped a new video that reflects both the madness and the absurdity of all that’s gone down in the Hawkeye State this week.


The gonzo editor has some inspired material to work with, too, as he’s manipulated footage culled from the hosts of political podcast Chapo Trap House. The Chapo crew, fierce advocates for Bernie Sanders, punctuated their on-the-ground canvassing by interviewing (read: fucking with) a few of the other candidates, including billionaire Tom Steyer and former U.S. representative John Delaney, the latter of whom suspended his campaign last week. Berger punctuates Delaney’s fitness-centered interview—“I do a Peloton,” he reveals—with thirsty footage of the politician in the gym, while Steyer gamely answers questions about his tartan tie, which, he says, helps him “get some fun stuff done.”

There’s also ample footage from a Joe Biden rally, in which the Vice President’s elderly audience is offset by a staff that’s shockingly bright-eyed. This inside look at the makeup of a Biden gathering is especially fascinating now that the supposed Democrat frontrunner has emerged from the Iowa caucus as no such thing. Just today, The Atlantic published a piece called “How Biden Blew It.” 

Overall, it’s an amusing glance at the outskirts of a race that, if the existing Iowa results are any indication, has essentially boiled down to three viable candidates. We look forward to finding out who will emerge victorious, just as we also look forward to the magic Berger will make once they’re squaring off with Trump.


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