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Vic Berger somehow makes Trump calling himself "the chosen one" even scarier

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Screenshot: Vic Berger (YouTube)

We live in difficult, horrifying times, so thank God we’ve got Vic Berger with us to document it in his own hilariousalbeit often horrifying and difficult to stomachway. Since the 2016 election season, Berger’s culled his live-action political cartoons from news footage of the Trump administration and all its various opportunistic leeches, to some pretty impressive results.

In his latest entry, Berger tackles Donald “The Chosen One” Trump’s flock of religious weirdos still clinging to the notion that God personally chose and actively guides our President. And why wouldn’t they think so? This is, after all, a man who professes time and again the Bible is his favorite bookwhich he’ll autograph for you, by the way. He loves the Bible so much that it’s hard for him to name a single passage or line, let alone Testament, that most resonates with him.


Need we remind you that, among other things, there are multiple instances of video and photographic evidence of our Commander-in-Chief sleazing it up with Jeffrey Epstein, footage which includes grabbing more young women by the—look do we really need to go over yet again how fucking gross that is? Check out Vic’s newest creation below for a more complete look at the madness.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a hell of editing to turn the the whole debacle into an even more unsettling, grotesque miasma of ignorance, zealotry, malice, and bigotry. Of particular note is that Berger manages to really highlight Trump’s many instances of obvious discomfort as various men lay prayer hands on his head, and how he clearly had a hand in influencing the countless instances of hate crimes perpetrated by his hate speech.

We’re also reminded of Donald’s deeper, more ponderous theological discourses on the nature of the Divine. “God is the ultimate. I mean, He created all this. Nobody, no thing—there’s nothing like God,” says Trump at point, gesturing vaguely towards the ocean near one of his dilapidated, beachfront golf courses.

So wise. So true.


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