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VHS-style ad teases the spooky board game at the center of Beyond The Gates

(Image: Nerdist, Beyond The Gates)

Director Jackson Stewart’s Beyond The Gates is a throwback to ‘80s and ‘90s horror, and it’s all based around an especially spooky VHS board game that two brothers find in the back of their father’s video rental store. We saw a proper trailer for the film earlier this month, and now Nerdist has posted a retro-style ad for the terrifying board game itself. The clip starts off innocently enough, with Barbara Crampton’s mysterious host introducing a group of girls to the Beyond The Gates board game, but things quickly take an unfortunate turn when the VHS tape somehow steals the girls’ souls. The whole VHS-game fad burned out pretty quick in the real world, and we can’t help but wonder if the genre’s penchant for stealing souls like that was a factor in the public’s quickly fading interest.

You’ll have to go to Nerdist to see the full clip, and the real Beyond The Gates will be in theaters and on-demand services on December 9.


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