Flavor Of Love

VH1, still recovering from New York Goes To Work—and, uh, that time when a former contestant on one of its dating shows murdered his wife and then committed suicide—has made a tentative step towards opening its heart to dating reality shows once again. The network has given a green light to She’s Got Game, a reality show starring rapper and Dr. Dre protege The Game. On the show, The Game will “[enlist] the help of his celeb friends,” each of whom will pick out a woman “to accompany the platinum-selling artist on his national tour this summer.”

It’s unclear whether She’s Got Game will follow the same challenge-based format as Rock Of Love and Flavor Of Love, or if the show will take place in the same prefabricated mansion as those previous “Celebreality” programs. But based on the title alone, VH1 is feeling its old, punny, champagne-tipsy self again. “Relationships are hard, and The Game knows that working in the entertainment business makes it even harder,” VH1’s executive vice president of original programming Susan Levison says. Not to mention the poor PA who has to bleach the hot tub afterwards.


And in what we’re sure is a completely unrelated development, “Celebreality” staple Tiffany Pollard—a.k.a. New York—returns to reality TV tonight to talk about her boob job. A new golden age of television, indeed.