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VH1 is going to determine which twins are the best twins

Some say that the bond between identical twins is almost supernaturally strong. Depending on how fantastically you’re willing to view the world, they can feel each other’s pain, communicate telepathically, and even play the same character on a sitcom about a widower raising his three daughters with the help of his stupid friends. Now, finally, VH1 is going to pit pairs of identical twins against other pairs of identical twins in order to prove, once and for all, which twins are the world’s best twins.

Deadline says that the competition reality show, tentatively titled Twinning, will task 12 sets of twins with completing various goals that “will test their twin connection.” One by one—err, two by two—they’ll be kicked off for not knowing each other well enough, until only one team of “twinners” remains. And what do these similar-looking siblings get for being named the best twins in the world? Why, $222,222.22, of course. Get it? Because there are two of them!


If that didn’t make it obvious how much of a crazy concept this is, VH1’s Susan Levison referred to Twinning as “a crazy concept” that will be “the noisiest house show in years.” We’re not sure what that last part means, though. Is it because twins are stereotypically noisy? You’d think that all of the telepathic communication would actually make it the least noisy house show in years.

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