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VH1 bringing back Pop-Up Video

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Speaking of ’90s nostalgia, VH1 has announced that it's bringing back Pop-Up Video, the music video showcase that for many years served as a renewable resource of tangential trivia and little bubbles making fun of Billy Joel. The network will debut 60 new episodes of the show this fall with plans to faithfully recreate its original formula of informative tidbits and ironic commentary, albeit with one major change: This iteration will add hip-hop videos to the mix, something that was off-limits in the old days, because hip-hop was considered MTV’s domain. (And also, what is there to make fun of in hip-hop videos?) In bringing back his baby, co-creator and executive producer Woody Thompson says he hopes to reclaim “snarky, pithy text” from the bowels of Twitter and the Internet, both of which Thompson believes have been totally ripping him off for the past decade. (Bloop. “Narcissism” is named for the Greek myth of Narcissus, who died staring at his own reflection. Bloop.)

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