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Vertigo is ending Hellblazer

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Though it's been a Vertigo institution even before there was a Vertigo, Hellblazer has been confirmed to end its run next February, bringing to a close the DC Comics imprint's oldest series. The move comes just as its lead character John Constantine—the drinking, smoking, demon-riling, grifter magician who's been lurking around since his 1985 introduction in Swamp Thing—makes his transition to DC's New 52 universe, appearing in Justice League Dark and, eventually, his own Constantine title, which will launch in March with X-O Manowar's Robert Venditti at the helm.


Still, for those who have enjoyed Hellblazer in its "For Mature Readers Only" home at Vertigo, the conclusion of Peter Milligan's "Death And Cigarettes" arc in issue #300 definitely marks the end of an era, one marked with sex, profanity, and gore that complemented the selfish, often shitty behavior of its antihero—and which almost certainly won't be replicated under the umbrella of the main DC banner. For what it's worth, Venditti promises the cleaned-up Constantine will remain "jaded" and enjoy cigarettes and booze still. So that's something, we guess.