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First came word yesterday that Superchunk is touring, and now the latest news to send '90s indie-rock hearts a-flutter is an announcement that Versus is returning with its first album in a decade. Merge will release On The Ones And Threes August 3 via CD and deluxe-edition double LP (with two bonus tracks).


Versus last appeared with 2000's so-so Hurrah, and the lengthy inactivity that followed—including the formation of splinter bands +/-, Whysall Lane, and The Fontaine Toups—made it look like that was it for the much ballyhooed New York band. But Versus emerged last November and December with some shows in New York and D.C., and Merge says the group will also participate in the Teen Beat 26th anniversary tour for shows in, again, New York and D.C. There's no word of additional dates at the moment.

In the meantime, you can stream "Invincible Hero" from On The Ones And Threes. Pre-orders at the Merge store will be accepted starting June 8, and those who preorder the CD will receive an immediate download of the two bonus tracks featured on the double LP.

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