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Veronica Mars is kicking asses for the 'gram in the new trailer for Hulu's revival series

Among the many traits that have made Veronica Mars such an unmitigated delight to hang out with off-and-on for the last 15 years, her joy in kicking idiots’ asses still ranks pretty highly on the list. Hence our pleasure at Hulu’s first real teaser for its revived Veronica Mars series, which shows what happens to any Neptune criminal dumb enough to try to mug Keith Mars’ utterly capable daughter: Stun gun, broken wrist, immortalized on the gram.

Besides reminding us that Kristen Bell’s veteran sleuth is exactly the sort of person who walks toward trouble when everyone else turns to flee, the teaser is also full of faces old and new, and hints of what’s to come. We’ve got Patton Oswalt serving up cryptic warnings, J.K. Simmons looking sinister, and, of course, Enrico Colantoni back on the case to help his daughter get to the bottom of a wave of spring break bombings threatening to Jaws up the town’s tourism board.

The eight-episode Veronica Mars revival returns to Hulu on July 26.

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