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As we’ve stated before, vanity plates are largely unfunny and bad. That said, it’s important to remember the most dedicated practitioners of this art form work tirelessly to perfect their craft, hoping to one day discover the exact right combination of letters and numbers that will make either side of their car express their deepest emotions or best short form joke. In an unexpected bit of good news for these devotees, a new bill has been introduced in Vermont that would, god willing, allow for an explosion of creativity the likes of which the medium has never seen before. That’s right: We’re talking about putting emojis on license plates.

Engadget’s Igor Bonifacic ran down the most important aspects of Bill H.866, which would fulfill the dreams of anyone who’s ever wanted to abbreviate a word that only becomes dirty when a winking smiley face is put next to it. H.866 “would allow drivers to add one of six emoji to their license plates” alongside “whatever combination of letters and numbers the state’s Commissioner Of Motor Vehicles assigns to a car or a driver picks for themselves” if it passes the state’s House Of Representatives.


The potential for dumb shit here is enormous. While, as Bonifacic writes, we don’t know “which six emoji” will be available, it hardly matters. Even the most benign of emojis—forget the eggplants and peaches, smiling piles of feces or water droplets—can be positioned just so to turn a vanity plate into something special.

Before we get too exited, though, remember that Vermont’s bill would apply to all, not just those who understand emoji implications. Maybe it wouldn’t be great for cutting down on traffic accidents if the less emoji proficient among us start getting in on it, too.

[via Boing Boing]

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