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Coincidentally marking the final day of shooting on HBO’s Veep in a way that we can’t help but think of as “appropriately grim” (or is that “grimly appropriate”?) series star Timothy Simons announced today that he’s developing a new project at the network, a comedy series about the wacky, laugh-a-minute world of assisted suicide.

Titled Exit Plans, the show will star Simons (also writing and producing) as a guy trying to capitalize on a recent government decision to make assisted suicide legal, helping people transition out of pain and suffering while trying to keep himself from falling apart. Or, to quote the very pithy unofficial summary Variety used: “In short, he’s trying to figure out his life while ending yours.”


Simons has long been one of Veep’s most consistently enjoyable stars, lending his quick wit (and gawky frame) to endlessly hateable aide-turned-candidate Jonah Ryan (and also to Jonah’s various wonderfully horrible campaign ads). He tweeted out his enthusiasm for the new project today, along with a bit of family-crafted celebratory cross-stitch:


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