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Veep’s Timothy Simons developing a show all about your Bad Dates


Freeform, the network formerly known as ABC Family, has struck a development deal with Timothy Simons, Derek Elliott, and Jack Donaldson. Simons plays Jonah Ryan—the Congressman formerly known as Jonad, The Pointless Giant, Spewbacca, Teenage Mutant Ninja A-Hole, etc.—on Veep. He will not act in the Freeform comedy, called Bad Dates, but will serve as a producer. Donaldson and Elliott, who are also currently developing The Whole Nine at CBS, co-wrote Bad Dates. Donaldson and Elliott most recently co-wrote the Ghost Graduation remake, and their original feature Over/Under was on the 2012 Black List, the official short list of the best feature-length screenplays that have not been produced.

Bad Dates is about—you guessed it—bad dates. Dates are so bad. Do good dates even exist? Evidence is inconclusive. Blind dates, first dates, second dates, Tinder dates—they’re all bad more often than good, unless you’re a dating wizard or something. At least Bad Dates, which will feature re-enactments of regular people’s most exceptionally awkward dating experiences, has years and years of material to work with. Bad dates have been around since humans first walked the earth. There’s no way prehistoric humanoids were good at dates. Soon, you can re-live all your most horrible dating experiences on Freeform!


[via Deadline]

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