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Veep returns in April to provide a hilarious alternative to reality

(Photo: Lacey Terrell/HBO)

Is the current political situation too much of a horror show for you? Well, the comedy version will be returning soon. HBO announced today that Veep will be back on April 16, so at least you’ll be able to laugh at the failings of elected officials again instead of just quietly weeping and/or screaming in frustration.

At the end of the fifth season, Selina Meyer was out of a job as Laura Montez assumed the presidency. Showrunner David Mandel teased how that twist will affect the upcoming plot in an interview with The A.V. Club last year: “If you thought Selina Meyer dealing with the tie was funny and soul crushing for Selina Meyer, wait until you see her dealing with irrelevancy.“ We’ll also be wondering whether the show can provide a respite from reality.


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