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Vanity Fair discovered celebrities are as obsessed with Serial as the rest of us

The A.V. Club loved Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast so much we created our own podcast about it, and it turns out we are in good company. Vanity Fair rounded up an eclectic collection of celebrities equally obsessed with a 15-year-old investigation and the potential existence of Nisha’s answering machine. While Keanu Reeves, Lily Tomlin, and Sam Rockwell have not yet been introduced to the world of murder and “MailKimp,” other celebrities are as deeply engrossed as the rest of us normals.

When asked about the podcast, actors like Chris Pine, Alison Brie, Jake Johnson, Brie Larson, Adam Scott, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rashida Jones, and Jason Sudeikis are all too happy to repeat the frustrating questions that have long plagued Serial fans: What happened in those hours Jay spent with the Baltimore Police before they recorded his testimony? Was there enough evidence to convict Adnan? Why would Jay lie? And what will Serial’s second season be about? Ewan McGregor—who is such a fan he donated to the fundraiser for season two—perfectly sums up the feelings of many Serial fans when asked if he thinks Adnan is guilty: “Here’s what I think: I don’t know. It’s possible that he did, and it’s possible that he didn’t. And that’s why I don’t think he should probably be in jail.”

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