(Photo: instagram.com/vanessahudgens)

Back in February, while overwhelmed by the vicious monster that is young love, famous person Vanessa Hudgens and her slightly less-famous beau Austin Butler apparently carved their names into a rock in Sedona, Arizona. They then posted a photo of this totes adorbs eternal monument to their love to Instagram, and it eventually came to the attention of Coconino National Forest, which manages and protects that particular area of Sedona—including its fabulous rocks.

Arizona officials began investigating the incident, and now—months later—it has finally gotten around to actually telling Hudgens that she defaced federally protected land with her love. According to Page Six, the U.S. Forest Service contacted Hudgens this week, and she was “cooperative in providing the specific location” of the carving she made. This suggests that she feels at least somewhat remorseful for the way she so cruelly made this stupid rock a little more famous than it would’ve been without her name on it, but now Hudgens must either pay an undisclosed fine of up to $5,000 or appear in court and suffer through the heartbreaking testimony of the rock’s family or whatever.


Seriously, though, defacing rocks is no laughing matter. Someday, after we’ve all been killed by nuclear war, those rocks will still be in Sedona, and we should make sure that they have a nice view of the apocalyptic wasteland we’re going to leave behind.