Buried in today’s Rolling Stone story about Van Halen canceling an Australian mini-tour originally scheduled for September is a tidbit about the band’s upcoming album with David Lee Roth. News of Van Halen’s first record with DLR since 1984’s 1984 is nothing new; in fact we reported on the band beginning the project exactly one year ago today. (Aug. 10 will now be known as “News About Van Halen’s First Album With David Lee Roth In A Long Time” Day at the A.V. Club.)

Rolling Stone reports that Van Halen is “close” to finishing the record, though there’s no word on a release date or whether the band will be touring soon in support of it. (It also should be noted that Michael Anthony isn't involved, so this isn't a full-on original lineup reunion.) We know one guy who is not going to be happy about this.