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Van Halen debuts sorta crappy new single "Tattoo"

So, a reconstituted version of Van Halen (one with David Lee Roth and without Michael Anthony) is releasing a new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, Feb. 7 as it hits the road for a massive tour. Judging by the lead single "Tattoo," which the band posted online today, two things are rather painfully clear: (1) David Lee Roth's already limited singing skills have finally gone kaput; (2) Van Halen really needs Anthony's harmony vocals. In fact, out of all the singers Van Halen has had over the years, Anthony is probably the best. Eddie and Alex Van Halen both sound great, but the chorus just sounds flat and weird. And, seriously, how can you put out a song from the first Van Halen album with Diamond Dave in 28 years and have it not be about doin' it? A track about "autobiographic" body art just doesn't cut it.

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