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Vampires are still just the worst in the new trailer for Netflix's Castlevania

Hey, you know who’s the pits? Vampires. (We almost went with “sucks” there, but the pun potential was just too much to bear.) Even when you kill one—as the assembled heroes, anti-heroes, and outright villains of Netflix’s Castlevania series managed to do in the show’s second season, finally solving their collective Dracula problem at last—wouldn’t you know it, their legacy of evil and also people-eating almost always remains.


That’s the big takeaway from the new trailer for the show’s third outing, where the world does not appear to be significantly less full of blood-drinking assholes now that Drac is no longer back. In fact, they might even be worse, because some of these folks are clearly vampire gentrifiers, creating “corridors” where human beings exist primarily to be sucked dry by the cultural/hemoglobin-huffing elite.

It’s all very grim, but at least the heroes themselves are still around, hitting people with whips, traveling the countryside, and just generally making a nuisance of themselves to the forces of systemic and omnipresent evil—because that worked out so well last time. We’ll know more about how futile their efforts will be—Mostly? Some? All-encompassingly?—when Castlevania returns for its third season on March 5.