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Gearing up for the new Vampire Weekend album is turning into a full-time job. Last week, we reported that the group’s first album in nearly six years—currently only known by the initials FOTB—would be released this spring. In the lead-up to that release, frontman Ezra Koenig said they’d be posting two new tracks every month. Now, in an effort to build even more anticipation around the first of those said tracks, the band has shared a two-hour loop of a guitar riff. So, here’s that:

As reported by Pitchfork, the roughly 10-second riff is serves to “tease” a new song, “Harmony Hall,” which will be released this Thursday with another new song, “2021.” It’s a soothing, finger-picked duet between two acoustic guitars, but, just before the one-hour mark, a low atmospheric hum begins to swell in the background, transforming the composition into something of a meditative experience. Just how it’ll all manifest in the full song is unknown, but, boy, it sure is pretty.


Some added crypticness comes via the loop’s visual accompaniment, which is dubbed The Sacred Tree Of The Sephiroth.” While not the the Final Fantasy VII reference it might seem to the gamer sect, it actually, per Pitchfork, shares a structure with the traditional ‘Tree of Life’ diagram used in Jewish Kabbalah doctrine.However, considering the number “2021” appears at the top of the diagram, one could posit that each of the graphic’s nodes represent a different track on FOTB. Chew on that as you wait for Thursday.

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