Vampire Weekend has been slapped with a $2 million lawsuit by, in the words of TMZ, the “hot chick” featured on the cover of its recent Contra album. Said hot chick is named Kirsten Kennis, who posed for that photo in 1983, and claims she had no idea that it had been used until after it began popping up in promo campaigns back in November. Kennis further claims that her signature was forged on a release form obtained from photographer Tod Brody, who’s named in the lawsuit alongside the band. The Vampire Weekend camp has yet to issue a response; meanwhile, Kennis’ eyes are still the first thing you see on the band’s website, the deep wells of her pupils full of an intangible sadness that seems to say, “I sincerely hope this fleeting moment in time won’t be appropriated for commercial use someday, at least not without proper compensation.” Does Vampire Weekend even have $2 million? Guess we're about to find out.