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Val Kilmer says he’ll be in Top Gun 2, although he isn’t sure it’s getting made

Val Kilmer is cooling his jets after firing off news about a role in Top Gun 2. Variety reports that the erstwhile Iceman and spiker of volleyballs took to Facebook to tell his followers that he had accepted (and therefore been offered) a role in the modern-warfare sequel. The film, which has been kicking around outside of Kilmer’s imagination for at least five years, is reportedly still in development at Paramount, though there hasn’t been much progress made beyond promises of a Tom Cruise nature. But it seems Kilmer was recently involved in some kind of meeting with the studio, as he announced that he’d said yes to a role in the new film.

via Val Kilmer’s Facebook page

Kilmer probably should have taken his own advice of “This is a long way off so calm down,” though, as he later edited the post to say that he’d “jumped the gun…the topgun.” The actor also had to post a follow-up to clarify that Gene Hackman and Francis Coppola (the director lets Kilmer drop the “Ford”) are not involved in Top Gun 2, and that he’d only intended the references to serve as examples of offers you can’t refuse. We’d like to think that Robert De Niro reacted similarly when Kilmer expressed a desire to revisit Heat.

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