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Vacation is decaying, but it’s all right with that

Vacation (Photo by: Hillary Jones)

Cincinnati’s Vacation has been kicking around for five years, offering up its fuzzy garage-punk with a few psychedelic influences mixed in. It’s been two years since Vacation released its sophomore album Candy Waves, and since then the band has made some line-up changes. Peyton Dabney left the band to focus on Tweens, and with his absence the group has moved from a trio to a four-piece dual-guitar entity. With this expanded sound Vacation has readied the release of its new album on Don Giovanni Records, Non-Person, on July 24. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Decaying,” the first new Vacation song in two years, and one that sees bassist Evan Wolff extend his visual sense into the trippy video. Of the video’s inspiration Wolff says:

“I wanted the video to reflect the chaos and ever changing that is life and how sometimes you have to morph to survive. All the thoughts and voices swimming around your head, paranoia, decisions you make, things you want/have to do. All the shit that eats you up inside and keeps you up at night. But in the end we’re all gonna rot and decompose and turn into something new. Metaphorically and literally. And I feel the lyrics and frantic nature of the song sentiment those thoughts. ”


Watch the video for “Decaying” below, and order Non-Person through Don Giovanni Records.

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