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Illustration for article titled Uwe Bolls next film will finally explain the 2008 financial crisis

Having used some of his previous films to explore controversial moments in history such as the conflict in Darfur, 9/11, and the unsung role of fat vampires in the Holocaust, director Uwe Boll will next turn a brave, squinty eye on the 2008 financial crisis, which has thus far only featured in dramatizations that obscure its true ramifications with lots of talking and facts. Not so in Boll’s The Bailout, which The Hollywood Reporter says will get right to the heart of the matter of the Wall Street collapse—the result of a system where, unlike Germany, you can’t just invest all your money into the tax shelter of a Uwe Boll film—by following an average New Yorker who loses everything, then picks up the pieces of the broken American dream by killing a bunch of investment bankers. “You see, it is a metaphor,” Boll said to someone, probably, before asking a production assistant whether that one banker’s exploding testicles were ready.


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