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Uwe Boll helps you get over the Holocaust with trailers for BloodRayne 3 and Blubberella

Although we’ve spent much of the last century trying to expunge its demons, in many ways humanity is still grappling with the lingering psychological scars of the Holocaust. This should do it. Uwe Boll has just released dueling trailers for BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich and his long-anticipated debut of film’s “first female fat superhero,” Blubberella, which are essentially two versions of the exact same movie. Shot concurrently using the same sets and actors—including Clint Howard (who looks like he's having fun, at least) as an evil Josef Mengele-type Nazi scientist and Uwe Boll himself as Hitler—both BloodRayne and Blubberella have the same plotline of Nazis attempting to create a super-race of Aryan vampires or something, with the only hope for non-Aryan-Nazi-vampires being a vampire half-breed woman kicking Nazi ass while wearing a corset.

The only difference is that BloodRayne plays it (ostensibly) straight, while Blubberella swaps in a hefty gal who also wants to steal the Nazis’ hoagies and beats people up with rolling pins (which are used to make cookies and other things overweight people enjoy) and so on, and everyone around her suddenly seems self-aware that they’re starring in a shitty vampire Nazi movie. So basically it’s a gag reel extended to feature length, once more proving that Uwe Boll is nothing if not economical. Anyway, now that these are out, we can finally stop talking about the Holocaust. All better.

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