This year’s Austin Film Festival will host the premiere of Raging Boll, a documentary examining director Uwe Boll’s favorite subject, Uwe Boll, in a film that promises to combine the shameful self-delusion of I’m Still Here with the shameless self-aggrandizement of Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project. It’s an examination of Boll’s life both on and off set as seen through the eyes of Dan Lee West, who served as a crew member on both Bloodrayne and Alone In The Dark, where he was presumably responsible for making sure Tara Reid’s glasses were always extra science-y.

Although few details about the finished film are known, the title suggests it will (like Michael Addis’ documentary Heckler before it) contain at least some footage from the infamous 2006 boxing match where Boll challenged many of his harshest critics to step into the ring and then beat the crap out of them, definitively proving that he is a worthwhile filmmaker. Like all of Uwe Boll’s films, expect it to make zero sense, insult your intelligence, yet remain oddly, compellingly watchable.