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Photo: Joe Scarnici (Getty Images for MoviePass)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, only 48 percent of MoviePass subscribers are satisfied with how the company has been operating, at least in comparison to other movie-based subscription services like Netflix. That’s down from 83 percent just a few months ago, with the data coming from 1,558 moviegoing people polled by the National Research Group. Of those surveyed, 424 were current MoviePass subscribers and 100 had canceled their MoviePass subscription within the past month.

We can’t say definitively why so many people have had their faith in MoviePass shaken, but perhaps it has something to do with the catastrophic fall the company has suffered this summer. Alongside a series of disastrously unpopular policy changes, including price hikes for certain movies, new limits on how many movies users can see in a month, limits on which specific movies are available, and the death of the old annual plan, MoviePass also began suffering from outages that made its app completely unusable. This was all because the company was bleeding money at an alarming rate, with the unpopular policy changes coming as a desperate attempt to stem the tide.


Interestingly, the same NRG survey also indicated that a good percentage of moviegoing people would like to subscribe to a plan like MoviePass, it’s just that many of them aren’t too crazy about MoviePass itself.

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