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USA (the network) has canceled Graceland (the show)

If you had plans to find a middling drama about (deep) undercover FBI agents to watch, you’ll have to strike Graceland from that list. Deadline reports that USA (the network, not the country) has canceled the show after three seasons. The original bearer of bad news—well, other than the USA suits (the executives, not the show) who handed down the decision—was Graceland creator Jeff Eastin, who shared his disappointment on Twitter.


USA also recently canceled Complications, a show whose plot became unwieldy in record time. But all jokes aside, it seems the network’s reasoning was revenue-driven: USA can’t keep running a “series that it doesn’t own on the air for financial reasons.” So, unlike the move to end Sirens, USA canceled Graceland because of its bottom line, and not its desire to welcome more dramatic characters. Well, at least Aaron Tveit already lined up that Grease: Live production.

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