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Confirming what we’ve always known deep down—that nobody gives a shit about hearing about your dreams, even if they’re shared visions blending the walls of reality and fiction—USA has finally shut the tap on its two-season supernatural drama Falling Water.


Honestly, we probably should have been writing this particular Newswire last season, given the fact that the show has now been its network’s lowest-rated program two years running. But USA granted the series a reprieve last year on the strength of its delayed-viewing numbers, and also its status as the kind of mythology-heavy weirdness that occasionally grips people’s minds and gets them to plan elaborate, peanut-based “Save So-and-So” campaigns that nobody wants to deal with.

But fool USA once, shame on you (or possibly one of its now retired-but-tricksy heroes, like White Collar or Psych); fool it twice, and you’re canceled. As reported by Deadline, there was no saving Falling Water a second time; despite the efforts of new showrunner Rémi Aubuchon, the show—and all its enigmatic references to “The Boy,” “The Man In The Green Sneakers,” “The Woman In Red,” etc.—is finally being flushed down the drain.

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