The Suits guys wearing suits on Suits

USA Network has ordered a pilot called Paradise Pictures from Suits executive producer Aaron Korsh, Variety reports. The pilot will focus on several ambitious characters trying to break into Hollywood in the 1940s, a time of transition when studio monopolies were ending, the blacklist was growing, and people were starting to feel threatened by that gizmo in their living rooms that played Howdy Doody all the time.

Alex Sepiol, senior vice president of original series at USA, says that the show will “tackle issues which are still very much a part of modern-day Hollywood.” We assume he means the modern-day business of Hollywood, and not the actual district in Los Angeles that always smells vaguely of pee. But even if Paradise Pictures struggles to be relevant, it probably will still boast a lot of handsome men in suits, and that was all Korsh needed to keep his previous show afloat.