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USA is bringing back Nash Bridges, so we asked our mom if she thought it was cool

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the USA Network is working on a revival of Nash Bridges, the mid-’90s cop drama that starred Don Johnson as a San Francisco police officer who lived on a boat, with Cheech Marin as his wisecracking partner. To be honest, though, we don’t really remember the show all that well, but we do know that our mom was a big fan when it was on the air. So, rather than try to skim some more details from the original unofficial Nash Bridges website, we decided to just ask her about it.


There you go, that should be everything you need to know about Nash Bridges: Boat, yellow car, Cheech Marin.

The revival will involve Bridges still running the SFPD’s Special Investigation Unit, dealing with a new boss and a “changing city,” and “although the world around him has changed, Nash hasn’t.” Hopefully that means he’s still doing something on some kind of boat and driving that yellow car. Either way, THR says the plan is to kick this off with a “two-hour TV special,” and if that’s a hit, the network might follow it up with a proper full season. Johnson is the only actor currently attached, meaning it’s unclear if anyone from the original show, including Cheech Marin, will join him (series creator Carlton Cuse is not involved).

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