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Once again, the USA Network has been so overwhelmed by the support fans have shown for its hit legal drama Suits that it has renewed the series after only airing a few episodes. The new season will be Suits’ seventh, and at 16-episodes long, it’ll become the fifth USA original series to reach that milestone—the others being Monk, Burn Notice, Psych, and Royal Pains, three of which were super great. This news comes from Deadline, with that report noting that Suits has been a “solid ratings performer” for USA this year, even if it has been down “slightly” from last season.


For those who don’t follow the series, Suits is the one that’s on before Mr. Robot and occasionally cuts into that show’s timeslot by a second or two. It’s about two guys who wear suits and are lawyers, except one of the guys is in prison this year. Anyway, how good has Mr. Robot been this season? Super good, right? Those E Corp bastards are really gonna get it this time. #fsociety!

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